Water Department

The City of Lake Park and the Lake Park Municipal Utilities has provided water to the residents of Lake Park since 1910 when the water tower and the first water lines were constructed. The water source at the time was a well but when demand became too great, the City began pumping water from the lake. A water plant was built in 1938 on the lake just north of Soddy's. In 1970, a new plant was built on the northeast side of the City Park with the old one being demolished a few years later.

Water Rates

Effective 6/19/2019

Each customer shall pay each month for water utility and water usage supplied by the Lake Park Municipal Utilities as follows:

Service Charge: $15.00
Per 1,000 Gallons: $7.00

There shall be a minimum charge of $15.00 per month for each customer water service account.

The Second Meter Bulk Rate each customer shall pay each month for water utility and water usage supplied by Lake Park Municipal Utilities as follows:

Line Charge: $18.50
Per 1,000 Gallons: $7.00

Water rates effective 6/19/2019

Sewer Rates

The construction of the sewer treatment plant is close to being completed. It will be operational no later than September of 2022. An additional increase in the sewer rate will take effect July 1, 2022, which means the increase will be seen on the July usage bill. The new rates will be as follows:

Monthly service fee: $21.70
Per 1,000 gal. Water: $10.20
Capital Improvement Fee: $26.00

Effective 7/1/2022

As a city, we will do everything we can to keep costs as low as possible and run the plant as efficiently as we can. Costs will be closely monitored. Rates will be reviewed annually and adjustments will be made each July 1 as needed.