History of Lake Park: 1900-1924

In 1904, the brand new school is completed and deemed as "the best in this part of the state".

The first meeting of the Farmers Exchange Co-op was held on February 4, 1905. Henry Untiedt was the first president.

January 16, 1906: Grapefruit was 5 cents at J.W. Emerson's store.

On a Friday night in December of 1906, a large fire broke out in downtown Lake Park. The members of the fire company as well as many others started pouring water on the flames at 1:30 a.m. but by 2:30 a.m. the buildings were almost entirely consumed. The efforts to put out the fire were hampered by a brisk northwest wind that blew sparks toward homes and started many small fires.

Damage from that fire was about $10,200. One of the buildings destroyed by the fire was the home of the Lake Park News. The paper, however, only missed one issue due to the blaze.

January 16, 1909: A clearance sale dropped the price of Ladies wrappers from $1.25 to 99 cents.

On February 4, 1909, residents began cleaning up from the worst blizzard since 1888. The railroad brought in its rotary snowplow to clear the rail line to Sioux Falls.

In 1910, the water tower and water pipes were installed. Originally, water was pumped from a well under the tower, but later pumped from the lake when demand became too great for the well.

On September 20, 1912, it was discovered that the State Bank had been the victim of a robbery. Sometime during the previous night, five or six men cut a phone line and entered the bank. Interestingly, the hotel was less than 50 feet from the bank and although it was full of guests, the robbers were so quiet that no one was aware they were there. Also, one or more of the gang had been injured during the heist, as there was blood both inside and outside of the building.

It was later discovered that they had stolen a car from Harris, drove to Lake Park, then following the robbery were seen driving through Round Lake, Minn. at 5:30am and in Worthington, Minn. at 6:10am.

Authorities later arrested Joe Hartman in St. Peter, Minn.

January 14, 1915: A sale at H.E. Schwager's Hardware store dropped the price of a coffee pot from 75 cents to 50 cents.

1919: Gas was 16 cents per gallon.